Why it is okay to feel sad. Yes, having feelings is quite acceptable…

Recently I’ve heard or read comments to people who have been feeling a little (or a lot) down that are basically “Cheer up” or “Don’t be sad”. I know this is well meaning and trying to help but I often wonder if it is the best thing to say.

It’s like you are telling them off, even if you don’t mean to. It’s not nice seeing someone being sad and it is good to want people to feel better- but feeling sad is part of the spectrum. Accept it. It’s there for a reason. No one needs to feel worse by being told there’s no reason to feel sad, you shouldn’t or you have no right to be sad.  Do you have the right to tell them they don’t have the right to feel? Continue reading “Why it is okay to feel sad. Yes, having feelings is quite acceptable…”


New Chakras for the digital age.

Following er, extensive research… I have discovered that apart from being a sillyhead, there are  some new chakras ready for the digital age. Buddha and Christ and the ancients never had to discover these energy centres!

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New Chakras

Someday, Sometime


Everybody has a song to sing (or two, or three…)
Your song does not sound like mine, or his, or hers
Your song is simply divine
Won’t you sing it to me someday, sometime?

Everybody has a picture to paint (or two, or three…)
Your picture does not look like mine, or his, or hers
Your picture is just divine
Won’t you paint it for me to see someday, sometime?

Everybody has a dance to perform (or two, or three…)
Your dance does not feel like mine, or his, or hers
Your dance is so pure, divine
Won’t you dance it with me someday, sometime?

Everybody has a truth to speak (or two, or three…)
Yours truth does not sound like mine, or his, or hers
Your truth is just so divine
Won’t you speak it for me to hear someday, sometime?

In the seas of emotions
The tides give us our creativity
Amidst the chaos, confusion
Is the spark of our own divinity

Everybody has a story to tell someone (or two, or three…)
Your story does not sound the same as mine, or his, or hers
Your story is simply divine
I’d like to listen, if you’ll tell it to me someday, sometime?

Everybody has a dream to go to sleep to (or two, or three…)
Yours are not the same as mine, or his, or hers
Your dreams are just divine
I’d like to journey with you somewhere, sometime

Everybody has a heart that beats in time with love
Yours does not beat the same as mine, or his, or hers
Your heart is simply divine
Won’t you let your heart beat next to mine someday, sometime?

Everybody has a lesson to learn (or two, or three…)
Yours won’t be the same as mine, or his, or hers
Your lessons teach you to refine
Won’t you share your lessons, for mine, someday, sometime?

In the land of illusions
The ground gives us security
Beside the science, delusion
Trying to hide our own divinity

Everybody has a choice to make (or two, or three…)
Your choices are not quite like mine, or his, or hers
Your choices will be divine
Maybe you’ll choose something with me someday, sometime?

Everybody has a picture on their wall (or two, or three…)
A love once held, once yearned, now gone and not forgotten
The pictures are so divine
Won’t you show me your wall someday, sometime?

Everybody has a mother who carried them into the world
Your birth was not like mine, or his, or hers
Your mother was just divine
Remember the love of your mother someday, sometime?

Everybody has a father who sowed their seed into the world
That seed was not like mine, or his, or hers
Your father’s love was divine
Remember the love of your father someday, sometime?

In the skies of evolution
The winds give us our connectivity
Above the fear, destruction
We accept our own divinity


(c)2015 Phoenix Amethyst ~ The Heartist 

Life after Henry (Au revoir et Merci Henry)


So after losing the semi-final of the MLS Cup, Thierry Henry has not only left New York Red Bulls, but retired from the game. Football just lost a great individual there.

Thierry, a legend at Arsenal, hero for the gooners, was definitely a villain for Spurs fans and anyone with sympathies towards the Irish football team- the so-called ‘Hand of Gaul’. True, he blatantly cheated in an international game. Gosh, I guess Wayne Rooney, Michael Owen never cheated in a game, like, ever (Hint: Owen arguably dived against Argentina in successive World Cups-1998 & 2002). The sad fact is that the vast majority of ‘sportsmen’ lie, cheat or steal in games. on BBC Match of the Day sometimes they say a player was “too honest there” as they didn’t fall to the floor like a sack of spuds to try and con the referee out of a penalty. In the NFL, or even cricket, players claim to catch the ball when it clearly touched the ground first.

Like Eric Cantona, another Frenchman to grace the Premiership with sublime creativity, antagonism, beauty, petulance and a collection of outstanding moments, Henry left a gap in the Premiership and the Arsenal team lost its punch when he went to Barcelona and Arsenal have never been the same since. The phrase “The trouble with Arsenal is they always try and walk it in” was coined after Thierry left. He was the main goalscorer and without him they seemed to be doing a Chuckle Brothers “to me, to you” as they bungled getting the ball into the net.

Personally I liked Henry as a character, not pure football, talk about real things, nutty things, creative things (again, similar to Cantona) and never seemed the complete media machine like ‘CR9’ or many, many others. The Va-Va-Voom man, true, he was, but he did it with humour,  charisma and an energy that was much more stunning and subtle/sensual than the others muster up for razor blades and soft drinks, etc.

Football should be fun to watch in my opinion and Henry was fun to watch. Unless you were on the opposing side. With the likes of Messi and Ronaldo in Spain, I hope exciting talent like the next Henry/Cantona comes and stays in the Premiership.

I still miss seeing 14 Henry at Arsenal. But time moves on, and as Thierry left the Premiership in 2007, I guess I have to get over it haha!

Au revoir  et Merci Henry… thanks for the memories and good luck for the future.

When Thierry met E.T.

Cave time?!

As the solstice now approaches,
You may feel like you want to be a bear,
To retreat inside your cave,
To live without a care,
Everybody wants to see you,
At this busy time of year,
And you think wouldn’t it be great,
To retreat inside my cave and simply hibernate?

It is your soul’s calling,
To take some time just for yourself,
To have better interactions,
And have better internal health,
So during this festive season,
If it is feeling a bit too much,
Take some time to breathe in your own free space,
But there’s no need to stay out of touch!

It’s Cave retreat season! It can all feel like there’s a bit too much going on right now.

A fire in a cave
Busy Sagittarius energy is adventuring and enjoying the party season- woo hoo!. Let your hair down, dance badly, wear awful jumpers (eek!), more wine! more beer!, more chocolate, etc.
But in contrast to the bright, cheery exterior- it’s cold and dark for longer periods than usual at this time of year. The influence of the Sun will be lesser in a weeks time. Our natural instinct can be to retreat into our caves. Nowadays, of course, this is often a flat or a house, but the homing instinct is the same.

Thousands of years of human influence have seen our lives progress with technologies now beyond imagination of even, say, a hundred years ago. Yet still, we have a default position. Beyond the vastness and varying degrees of deepness/shallowness/connectivity of the internet, we have a need for ‘me time’. A need to be lonely, to feel the naked truth and reality of the fact that as much as we connect- we are on our own, our own reality, in our own mind.  As much as we share our lives, we have our own journeys, own breath, own heart, own soul.   We live for ourselves and not someone else. It is easier to keep pushing ourselves sometimes to spend more time with others- to be constantly entertained and amused, cherished and loved. To ignore the pressing need of us all on a deeper level. To get to know the self. It is Cave time, for those that wish to spend that deeply rewarding ‘alone’/’me time’ can gain more answers about the self, the soul and regain composure before delving into the festive spirit and sharing the deep love that you hold.

A real positive of the technology of today is that it is so easy to stay in touch, so a quick facebook status update of an email to someone you’ve been meaning to talk to, does the trick!

If you find yourself almost drowning in the busy seas of festive cheer (as it can be so overstimulating) take some time out ,reward yourself. ‘Be’ yourself, not who others may perceive you or you want to be perceived. Sometimes you can feel lonely, even when you are in great company.

When you know yourself, you are never really alone.

Injoy, Inlight and inlove

♥ Phoenix ♥

Signism in astrology, are you being signist?


Since learning a lot more about astrology and astrotheology in the last few years, I’ve become more familiar with my own natal chart. The Natal chart captures the position of the planets at the moment you were born, giving your sun sign and moon sign and all the rest. I’ve made some fascinating discoveries based on other people’s interpretations of the aspects, such as Mars in Scorpio. That was a particular ‘Aha’ moment!

For me, astrology gives lots of clues to your own tendencies and leanings towards particular directions in life. Most people go on the Sun sign (your ‘main star sign’) as the overriding factor in a person. I think this misses the point. Not every Gemini is the same, nor Taurus, etc. There will be generic traits but your other signs and personal experiences shape you. I’ve listened to people bad mouth people because they are a certain Sun sign.

I don’t follow daily horoscopes as I feel they are far too generic, say there are 500 million Leos in the world. Are they all going to find money or meet a tall dark stranger who will change their life today? unlikely.  You’d have to have a manual in the newspapers to give anywhere near accurate forecasts. Breaking it down to Sun sign, with Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus and Saturn would give a lot more variety for example. Even then, I’m not sure you would get exacts anyhow. Astrological charts are very deep, if you take the time to find out more detail, you may find out a lot more that rings true about the individual concerned.  A lot more than could be explained in a short column in the paper or a tweet. Generalisations or sweeping statements are often a little off the mark.

Now this gets me to signism! Is it a word, well, if it wasn’t before it is now. Too many people I have talked to recently about dating and astrology have said many times they can’t be with or just flat out don’t like someone allegedly and apparently because of their main star sign! “Oh god, he’s a Libra”, “Urgh! I can’t stand Aquarius”, “typical bloody Aries!”, etc. Yeah, because they are all the same, huh? sounds like a little bit of prejudice right there. I mean, everyone with brown eyes acts the same, everyone with blue eyes and so on?

I also know people who see only their own sun sign as being the best one.  Nothing wrong with being proud of who you are, but you’re not all like that are you? For example:

  • Leo is the brightest, loudest, most loving. Everyone should love Leo.
  • Scorpio is amazing as the deepest darkest. Scorpio should be feared and respected!
  • Libra is the fixer, mediator and great to get along with. Everyone loves Libra.
  • Cancer is the supportive, emotional leader and great cook to boot.
  • Capricorn is the down to earth, get on with it, a leader.
  • Gemini is the free and easy love fairy, flying from thing to thing.

People who generically hate those signs have said to me:

  • Leo is bossy and all about drama, self and ego.
  • Scorpio is a obsessive,  destructive and neurotic weirdo.
  • Libra is flaky, never makes a decision. Too flirty.
  • Cancer is an emotional, self-obsessed controlling windbag!
  • Capricorn is a boring, busy do-gooder and bossy.
  • Gemini is an unstable wishy-washy  flight of fancy…

These are the same Sun signs, in some cases the same people. Just seen with a different perspective.

Zodiac Wheel01

It is no different to most forms of discrimination, and seeing it in the ‘spiritual community’ is perhaps a little surprising as we are supposedly all finding ourselves and our own versions of the truth and learning lessons of oneness and acceptance. But then again, maybe, accepting your own spiritual truth means accepting that you are prejudiced with people because of the period of time of the year they were born.  For the record, UKIP leader Nigel Farage’s Sun sign is Aries. Adolf Hitler was a Solar Aries too.  Does this make the Aries sign right-wing border patrolling borderline fascists? Erm, No!!! Aretha Franklin, Eric Idle,  and Jackie Chan are also Aries. David Cameron is a Libra, but so are Ghandi and Amma! They are quite different types of people.

I recommend astrology for some great self-discovery and direction. But if you can, listen to your heart, think with an open mind and get to know someone before judging them. They might be one of those good ones you heard about 😉

Sorry, I know we get on really well, you seem lovely, there’s such a ‘spark’ and I think I love you.,.you might be a soul mate… BUT…you’re a Virgo.
I’m so sorry, we just can’t be friends… let alone lovers. If only you’d been a Sagittarius, I needed you to be a fire sign… *facepalms*

It's not OK, Cupid..
It’s not OK, Cupid…


A regular icosahedron

For the last few years I’ve had the following shapes appear in my meditations or dreams. Recently I got a clue as to why. A friend had accidentally ordered two copies of a book and was selling it off. I instinctively felt the call of the book- The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life. I bought it. One evening, I flicked through the book and happened to stop on the page with a diagram of a regular icosahedron. “That’s it, that’s it!” I exclaimed. Then over the page the other one was staring me in the face! A star tetrahedron…

The Icosahedron (a twenty-sided polyhedron, consisting of triangles) is part of sacred geometry. Most people may have heard of the flower of life, a symbol that pops up in artifacts all over the world, spanning thousands of years and numerous cultures.

The star tetrahedron apparently has links with the personal Merkaba field that surrounds everyone and also Metatron.

a star tetrahedron
a star tetrahedron

Although I don’t know that much about sacred geometry, or its validity yet, it has made me think about the power of the mind to focus on images and manifest through them. Perhaps its because of the word sacred being used.  It can sound a bit off-putting when things are referred to as sacred or divine. We could replace the world sacred with any other, it just denotes that the these symbols/shapes do have special significance. It doesn’t have to have religious connotations.

The ‘Flower of Life’

As for the Icosahedron, I think there is something to be found in drawing 3D symbols for healing and transformation. In meditations I have drawn symbols and then ‘activated’ them by opening them. Another journey to take, nothing ventured, nothing gained…


Injoy, inlight and inlove,

Phoenix Amethyst

Fracked (#FrackOff)

Picture of a fractured globe

Fractured thoughts,
Fractured minds,
Fractured wells,
Fractured mines.

Toxic politics,
Toxic lies,
Where’s the love?
Mother Earth cries 😦

Return to nature,
Return to self,
Return to love,
Return to health.

Stop the drills,
Stop the shale,
Before our grief,
Is beyond the pale.


© 2014 Phoenix Amethyst ~ The Heartist